Julio Guerrero has a decade of experience in the Loan Financing Industry. His clients highly regard him for his friendly demeanor and his customer satisfaction focus on delivering the most optimal results to his clients. The praise that he receives from his clients, colleagues, and other professionals reflect the fact that he cares, his keen attention to “the small stuff,” his third-party negotiation abilities and his no-pressure, outgoing personality.


Trust in Me

I derive the most satisfaction from knowing that I have given my ALL in helping and improving, the lives of the client and their family. A testament to my career is that I rely solely on referrals from past clients and other professionals (realtors, attorneys, accountants, and financial planners) as my sole source of business. Throughout the years I have been able to help many families improve their lives: some from sometimes dire circumstances to a better one, and others from a good to the best of situations.

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What I am Good at

I specialize in “OUT OF THE BOX” Financial solutions. I’m a self-employed specialist. I offer many programs that Taylor to the self-employed borrower.

Call me for your “Out of the Box” financial needs.

Phone: 516.642.6643


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